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How to replace a front right axle seal?

I have a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado Z71. I have to replace the front right axle seal. Is this something an average joe with some mechanical skills able to fix? If so, how do I go about tackling this?


Remove the wheel. Remove the brake caliper. Take the cotter key out of the end of the axle bolt. Remove the axle bolt. Slide the brake disk off the axle. turn it over so you can see the back of it. Take a flat head screwdriver and pry the seal out. While you have it all apart make sure to repack the wheel bearings. Replace the seal and reverse the process. It's not too hard.
May 28, 2018
you ought to get rid of the axle from the motor vehicle first. then you definately can yank out the seal. Use a suitable gadget to gently press the hot seal in place. that's a good extra healthy, so do no longer bend the metallic component to the seal with a hammer. you ought to purchase a seal out of your community automobile areas shop for a pair of greenbacks.
May 28, 2018

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