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how to restore a system image?

im putting my system image on an external hard drive. how do i transfer it to my new internal hard drive?i created a system image from the tool that windows 7 gives. and i am doing the backup operation from windows 7. i would use another program but they require you to reboot a few times and if i reboot it will take about 2 hours for my computer to boot up (because the hard drive is failing)


The main character would need to make the fire reach temperatures of 870–980 °C (1,600–1,800 °F) and may take several hours. So he could use a match to start the fire but will need more then a blanket.
I would do a check on both. One month use the electric only then the gas. Here in the south the gas is the way to go. But u need to put some type of moisture back into the air. Gas heat tends to dry us out. Try putting a pan of water on the stove that should solve the dry issues. Or invest in a Humidifier if you go with the gas.

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