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How to reword this thesis?

the thesis: . Food, shelter, personal safety, clothing, and healthcare. These are some of the few categories that serfs and homeless have relative similarities and significant differences in. I need to reword for a conclusion.


Most companies do not have a discount for standard alarms, but do offer discounts for Lojack/Onstar type systems. This is because a standard alarm really is ignored in this day and age, and it doesn't change the risk in any way. However, a Lojack system can be used to help find the vehicle if stolen. Even then, the discount is usually pretty small (though it varies by company) since it doesn't help the two largest risks in insurance, liability and collision.
The chains suffer more than the tires do. I recommend keeping the speed below 25 mph whenever you have chains on - the beating the chains take at 30 mph is way more than at 20 mph. Take them off when you get out of the snow. I've tried them all and never found tires that match chains for traction and control. But chains are really a hassle.

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