How to select a flow meter

How to select a flow meter


According to the use of vortex flowmeter, vortex signal output method is selected:When the measured medium is a compressible fluid and the temperature and pressure of the field medium change greatly, a vortex sensor with a pulse signal to be transmitted far away is recommended and a flow compensated integrator with temperature and pressure compensation is recommended. Pt100 pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter or require the user to purchase.The flow meter is installed in the indoor environment better and without remote signal, only need to read the flow value at the scene, and the meter installation location to facilitate read operation and data field, direct type vortex flowmeter suggested users to choose the battery powered. But if the flowmeter is installed outside and exposed to the atmosphere, the on-site direct reading vortex flowmeter will not be selected.When the flow of poor installation or installation position is not convenient for the reading flow value or centralized management situation, recommend the use of sensor output signals and flow totalizer, or with 4~20mA standard current output of the vortex transducer.
If the actual pipe diameter is greater than or smaller than the selected flowmeter caliber, the shrinkage pipe or expansion pipe shall be adopted to reduce the diameter of the flowmeter to ensure the correct use of the flowmeter.
The measured medium flow in the pipeline must be within the flow range of the flowmeter, otherwise it can not be used. The best is at the range of 1/2 ~ 2/3 in the flow range of the flowmeter.
Selection of flow meter before, should first determine the type and flow rate of measured medium value (can be estimated), according to the table of vortex flowmeter in measurement of different medium corresponding to the selected flow range, vortex flowmeter specifications.

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