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how tough is my axle?

I have a 88 S-10 Blazer with a worked over 350, I currently have a 10 bolt in the rear and a dana 30 up front both with 4:11 gears. Im running 35x14.50 thornbirds, I have a brand new set of 38x14.50 super swampers, leaf springs and shocks. Im going to break my axles arent I?whats a good replacement for my axles,? I like to have parts that are popluar with the aftermarket and easy to get parts for.I have money, but im cheap so I also dont want something that has a price higher than the balls on a giraffe.Thanks in advance.


The 10 bolt axle and the Dana 30 are good for up to 35 tires. If your upgrading tire sizes, upgrade your axles, and your brakes too. Go for overkill. Get a set of Dana 44s from something like a Grand Wagoneer if your rock crawling, or Dana 60's for mud. Only problem is your truck is very narrow and cheap, strong axles are found in full size trucks. So if you don't mind the extra width.
May 28, 2018
Hi Your more likely to break a universal or yoke. Or twist the drive shaft. Cheaper than an axel and easy to repair
May 28, 2018

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