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I am looking for winter car tips?

I have lived in Texas all my life, and am now looking at moving to Indiana or Michigan. I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla, and I definitely want to take as good of care of it as possible! Does anyone have any advice? Should I buy special tires for the snow? How should I go about winterizing it? Will it be too hard on it if I don't keep it under a cover? Thank you for your time! :)


The equivalent to the PC's control panel is System Preferences. You can use Spotlight to access it or it could be in your Dock already. To delete stuff like cookies and internet history, you have to go into Safari, or any other browser you use on the Mac, and go up to history and go down to 'show all history' then you get to history, and just highlight the ones you want to delete and push the delete botton on your macbook. To delete cookies, you go to the safari menu and click on preferences and go to the security tab and click on 'show cookies' and click 'clear all' to delete the cookiess. Hope this helps.
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