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I got an old surround sound system, HD and S-Video?

Typically, I‘d know these things but tonight I‘m wiped out beyond belief. Thus I can‘t think. Ok, so I got this old audio system, it‘s composed of a speaker bar control station and a subwoofer which is connected via a 6pin adapter, the input is standard composite audio, and then copper wire, and s video. I got this from a friend for free and would it work at all with my TV or would I be better with my TVs surround sound (speaker bar). The tv is a fairly new little 25inch razor thin (vivio?) I forget the spelling and would this old system do any good?


Check you tv to see what it provides for an audio output. Most tv today only have an optical audio cable, which is a digital signal with multi channel sound. It has to be connected to a receiver or a home theater in a box that has an optical audio input. The S-Video is not longer being provide by manufacturer, it is a video input/output used on VHS and Laser disc players. Sound sound bars do provide an optical audio input. Hope this will help you out.
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First of all check what are the available audio and video outputs of your TV. If there is a composite audio port then it should work on the old saystem. The copper wire on the old system I assume are the speaker line outputs. The TV's video input can be connected straight to the source (dvd, blu-ray,). A new speaker bar is a better idea if you want the surround sound experience.
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