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i have a 1997 Nissan Sentra Gxe axle replacement?

I have a 97 nissan sentra Gxe automatic transmission i wanted to replace the axles on i replaced passenger side and installed it easily i then went to do the driver side and got it off but now the new axle wont go in it seemed like it was hitting something so i checked and looks like theres a bar or rod like horizontally inside the tranny that wont allow it to go in. i tried spinning other axle to see if i could put that in place but wont work i took picture of it and took it to auto parts and they said it was placed in gear without the axle being in placed thats why the tranny gear might be it so they recommended putting car in neutral and see if the rod was put in place but nothing i need help cant figure it out. I was told that there is not suppose to be anything where the axles are and that rod is bloking where the driver axle goes into. i am i going to have to pull the whole tranny out to put that tranny rod or gear back in place


Slow down there buddy is the inside stub the same on the replacement axle. It takes putting grease around the snap ring and a second person to hold the axle shaft inner cv joint square to the transmission and you hit the outter joint with a soft face big dead blow hammer. Do not hit the axle threads with a steel hammer screw the nut onto the axle and use a 2x4 wood piece and sledge hammer to beat the axle into the transmission. What your seeing inside the axle hole is the differential spider gear shaft it is supposed to be there. The axle pushes in almost flush with the CV joint Good Luck
May 28, 2018

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