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I have a problem with my windshield wipers for a ford f-150 can anyone help?

i have a f-150 and resently my wipers went out, i know is not a fuse, the relay or the switch because i changed them all out but i also have problem with the dome light and the temp gauge the seem not to work i think i have a problem somewhere where they all meet


Could be a computer part too. MOST parts stores can run a diagnostic check for FREE to help pinpoint what is causing it. There are many onboard computers on vehicles today and if one is sending a wrong signal it'll play hell with a lot of things.
The Mechanic Queen is here not to worry. Lets start with a simple check process. get you a test light from Autozone or a nearby Automoitive oparts store.].they sale them for around $4.00 get the one that has the ice pick so you can probe the wire and check for continuity. Make sure it is a 12V tester Then go to your fues box and clamp the alliagtor clip from your tester and ground it to a metal on the truck. make sure you get a good ground so that it lights up. Then touch the fuse with truck running so that they all get fire. Make sure you touch both ends of the fuse, this way there is no secodn guessing. If everything checks out okay. The turn on your windshield wipers and go to the motor and probe the hot wire going to your windshiled wiper motor and see if it lights up and if it deas light up, then you have a burned out motor.
examine the connections or exchange out the multifunction change that does the turn alerts, indoors easy once you turn the sprint united statesevery of ways up, and windshield wipers. They like to get intermittent on you whilst it is the main inconvenient.

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