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I have an electric guitar and I need to find out what year is was made? Where do I go?

It's a Supro Electric Guitar with two knobs and jacktwo toned Steel stringedI need to now if it's worth somethin or notThe money for it goes toward my church garage sale.


Supro? Guitars All guitars are Masterbuilt in USA by world renown luthiers, including John BolinOzark? Single cutaway, single bridge pickupOur NEW Supro? pickups are a humbucking version of the old Supro single coils (sounds like a P90, looks like an old Supro or covered humbucker)Vintage Bakelite knobs for Volume and ToneVERY lightweight basswood body, 2 piece quartersawn maple neck rosewood fretboard with dot inlaysMasterbuilt in USA featuring finest USA made parts (pickup, bridge, machine heads, wood, etc.)25 scale50s V neck profileReal nitrocellulose lacquer finishDualTone? Same body style as Ozark, but with Schaller bridge, USA Bigsby tailpieceEbony fretboard and 2 piece quartersawn maple neck with 50s V profileTwo custom USA-made Supro pickups for the original fat, smooth single coil sound of the old Supro pickup, but with no humRotary switch for quick pickup changes on the fly that won’t switch accidentally2 Tone and 2 Volume controls, with vintage Bakelite knobs for all functionsEbony fretboard with real Mother of Pearl inlays25 scaleReal nitrocellulose lacquer finish Don't know which model you've got but could be an OzarkI've seen secondhand ones for sale for beween $250 and $450 depending on conditionI would recommend that rather than sell it at a garage sale where you'll get nothing like it's true value you take it to a proper music shop for a valuation then sell it on EBay and donate the proceeds to the churchMost Supro guitars are very old so it could be quite valuable especially if it is good working orderCannot find list of serial numbers but check on Google search inputting 'Supro guitars'
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