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I having front end noises on my 2000 dodge durango everytime I hit a hole ion the road or a speed bump or turn?

I having front end noises on my 2000 dodge durango everytime I hit a hole on the road or a speed bump or turn the wheel you can feel some popping also! It been like this for 3 month already! Any suggest? It this normal for this cars to behave like this? I dont even care because i not going to fix it.I dint tell her to star making noise that is her problem. I buying a new car in 2 years!


Wow, I had this with my stud (now gelded horse) starting at the age of 11 months until I had to sent him to a trainer. Mine bite and punched (yup punched with his front legs) First off your pony is scared and didn't want to leave his herd so this could end but it sounds like it won't. Our vet recommended gelding which did slow some of the biting down. Ask the old owner when did the biting and rearing start. What age? If it was around 10-12 months I would stay this could also be hormonal. I would first keep a tie down on him so rearing should end but biting is such a huge issue. He could be teething but that's no excuse he just can't bite. My horse was trained to stay way behind us and to back when told so his mouth was never near us even if we were touching his door. He bite us all the time so this helped. Respect is also a problem here but teaching him to back and stay at least 3 feet behind you should help. Never, ever feed him by hand only in the bucket. Do not give him a chance to get you and if he does do what other horses would do if they didn't like it. They would make the biggest fuss ever and so should you. I have a question you may not like. Why breed a horse that may have temperment issues? I believe if you keep him back 3 to 4 feet from you age should help. If he's this mouthy he may learn to just use his lips which mine did. To be honest after the last bite at the trainers the trainer admitted he had enough and beat my horse by chasing him and hitting him in an enclosed area for about 10 minutes. Yes this sounds AWFUL but one 10 minute beating gave this horse a chance at a wonderful home for life since if he didn't stop doing this I couldn't keep him. Remember do not let him close enough to bite you, just teach him to stay way, way back even being lead and keep that tie down on him. After you work with him during training he may learn some respect so the rearing could just end, but biting is it's own problem.
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