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I locked my phone & it says I need a PUK code?

Im very confused, i locked my phone the support place is closed, i have att gophone, i need to know where i can find my PUK code at like is it in the booklet that comes with the phone, or on my battery or sim? after I put the PUK code what do I do? Someone please help ASAP, Thanks(:


Poly Carb lenses are not the best choice for optical clarity , and it isn't true that they are more scratch resistant. They are LESS scratch resistant than other lens materials. Anywayto your question , it depends on your prescription as to whether high index will benefit you or not. In general a 1.6 lens is 40% thinner than the regular plastic lens, so less edge thickness means less peripheral distortion.Again it depends on your Rx as to whether you will get better central vision also. If you wear a minor correction though, the difference won't be noticable. The optical quality of a 1.6 lens is superior to polycabonate any day. I also have to wonder why our Optometric tech doesn't know that the word is PREscription, not PERscriptiontwice here, and twice in another post.
Probably the blower motor.

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