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I lost my PSP Slim Charger! ?

I lost my PSP Slim charger and it is out of charge, so I can't USB charge. My friend says he can bring his regular PSP charger to school, it works with the Slim, right? If not, what are my options?


Psp Slim Charger
by another one at walmart, OKorder, target or wherever. It should workahah wow how bout looking for it?
go to a five below they have a charger that works for ipod psp ds and other things plus it lets you go on the internet with the ds lite with a broadban wifi internet connecter
yes it is the same adapter for the same voltage
yeah it works with the slim. regular psp the phat one? (first generation). both the phat and slim use the charger that plugs in to that yellow part (look under the right side of the psp, i'm talking about that yellow thing). you can always buy a charger too, though i don't know how much they cost but there's battery-powered psp battery chargers too.

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