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I'm trying to put a guitar together.?

I am looking to buy the parts necessary to build my own guitar, but I'm not looking to waste money because I didn't do the right researchSo far I know I want to get a Telecaster body (unless somebody knows where to get a custom body made)For the pick-ups I want a nice clear maybe bluesy clean toneIn the other hand I want the pick ups to handle a Rage Against the Machine/Electric Wizard tone when the distortion kicks in(I use a Fuzz Factory and a 1970's Music Man 2x12 combo amp) I prefer the neck to be a humbucker and I'm not sure about the bridgeI'll also make it coil splitableSo first off what pick-ups do i need to accomplish that?Secondly should I get a Bigsby or a GL style tremolo and where can I find that?Any other tips will be appreciatedThanks!


Hello there, You will have a hard time finding a Telecaster body cut for that arrangementYou will probably have to have a custom made bodyNot a lot of Telecaster bodies around that are routed for a tremolo bridgeThe Telecaster control plate is metal, so drilling extra holes will not be easyAlso adding switches to a Tele is hard, there is very little room in the control cavityThe best way to do a coil spit and use a Tele body would be to use a pull/push pot You will have to decide exactly what pickups you will be using before you get your Tele bodyThe Tele does not have a universal pickup routingYou will need to find a body to match your pickup choice or do some serious alterations to the body or have a custom body madeYou are going to need a Telecaster neck for a Telecaster bodyThe neck pocket is different from a StratocasterThe Strat has rounded shoulders on the heel of the neckThe Tele has squared shoulders on the heel of the neckThey are not interchangable without doing some modificationsIf you want to spend the money, Warmonth can make you a bodyDo you know why you want to do a coil tap? There are stock Teles that come with a humbucker in the neck and a single coil at the bridgeThat sounds like maybe the guitar you are looing forDon't think that model came with a tremolo bridge I think using a Tele as the platform for a project guitar is very restrictiveA Strat with a swimming pool route is much easier to work with and it usually comes routed for a tremoloIs there some reason you want to use a Tele body? Later,

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