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i need advice in what clothing i should wear if im going to compete in interschool events?

i am going to be competeing in interschool events associated with ponyclub in queensland australia and i need to wear a jacket and a top under it with some sort of riding pants.im asking for advice from ppl in australia cause it might be different compared to overseas clothing.i have never worn a proper jacket and the top thats supposed to go under it before and now i have to buy them to compete in interschool comps. i know that im problably wearing jodphurs cause i always ride in them anyway i just need to know what you wear when you do these events. does it change in each event e.g dressage to cross-country.please i really need help, preferably from ppl already or who have done these interschool competeing.


is anyone able to tell me what is the right answer for this question?
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