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I tried to switch from BFing with a shield to straight nipple, now baby is fussy?

I started feeding with shield because in hospital we couldn't get baby to latch at all. I tried without shield and I can get him to latch in fact the other day he was on a good 30 minutes and I could hear swallowing and saw milk on his face after so I know he got some, but since I started without shield he gets very fussy. I just tried with it and he is fine. I am not sure if it's just a coincidence or if this is common? He's only 2 wks old but I noticed since I started with shield that my nipples are more apt for feeding, they are actually harder and it's easy to get him to latch but it seems like maybe he just doesn't like it?


yes your husband should get lawyer did he hurt his back at work if so thats a comp case. plus the DR should have taken him out on disabilty and get paid to stay home while he recovers. you can also report his company to the BBB. i would defently talk to lawyer. if he works for union he also needs to talk ot head of union cause they do fight for him.
well, the steps are first find the reason of your fears(check).Now slowly try to face some of fears like looking at pics or videos of hippos.try to touch the toothpicks and wear safety gloves if youre really scared.if youre serious about your fears then wear something to gaurd you wrists against dangers.(like a big bracelet or something).if it gets really bad then talk to professional therapist.(which buy the way is really expensive).

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