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I was fired from my job 1n 1998 and i think i have a case against my old boss?

she fired me and i was told recently she was wrong doing so..and the situation that occured was not grounds to fire me and i mite be able to get this seen in court and win a law suit of some kind? at least have the job refrence stricken from a bad one to something better so i can use it on a future job app? anyone know washingto state law? also i cant seem to find her i think she might be moved away or decessed


1 or 2 will get a push. Not all 3 guys can be pushed
They are all very talented and will go far in the biz. I personally think all three will be world champion at some point.
I believe that they all could be future champions if WWE pushes them correctly. But I was thinking that maybe they could have a three way fued over the US Title with Reigns as a face. Imagine how great a triple threat TLC Match at TLC would be with these three great talents involved
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The Shield will split up soon its kinda obvious look at how Reigns looked Ambrose on Raw after he said he was the only person in the Shield that still had a championshipp but anyway I believe Reigns amp; Ambrose will get pushed soon amp; Rollins will get pushed a little later

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