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In California, is it against the law to hold school if the power is out?

We had a power outage in our small town. I assumed for safety reasons the school would be closed. My daughter learned through texting that there was school. She was an hour late and had repercussions from a teacher. It doesn't seem they should be able to run school with no operating power (fire alarms, etc.) Thanks


Smoke alarms are required by law (typically hard wired or powered by a 10 year lithium battery). I suggest you point it out to your landlord first but if he doesn't act immediately call your local fire marshal to come inspect your apartment and to bring his citation pad. He might also be able to help with the stove issues. Co2 detectors are not required by law but could be a life saving $30 expense you can take from one apartment to the next..
Get a detector. They only cost a few bucks. Seriously go get it checked out, they can be deadly, money isn't worth risking your life. Any hardware store should have them. if you're in the US; Home depot. If you're in the UK homebase or BQ.
At least every six months, take the battery out, clean the outside head of the detector, take a hair dryer set on low heat or cool and Clean out the dust in the detector. check the battery connections to make sure they are not corroded. remember to change the battery at least once a year, pick a favorite day of the year and change them. remember, they are your defense agaisnt fire and could be the diference between injury and possibly death and getting out safe in case of a fire. low battery, defective battery, dust, steam, could all be a reason for the detector sounding. Also if your oven is on and it is not sparkling clean, and your detector is sensitive and located in the kitchen or near the kitchen, is a smoke rather than heat detector, they will go off from the aaccumilation of 'stuff' on the walls of the oven, even simply opening the oven door, with a regular detector in the kitchen area can set them off as they react to the sudden change in heat.

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