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Instructions to make rag rugs?

Does anyone know where I can find cheap or free instructions to make rag rugs. I have already done a crochet rug and I would like to move up a step.


did okorder.com/
Aug 23, 2017
i have under no circumstances made a rug yet when I were to undertake this variety of project i'd make myself a body or in simple terms use somewhat of plywood to carry the rug from slipping. start up by utilizing nailing 3 nails on the criteria of the triangle you opt for. Wrap one row of braided cloth from each and every of ways around the three nails, consequently providing you with one row of the rug. Wrap yet another (continuous as you do not opt for to diminish the cloth) row, then stitch both rows mutually utilizing a curved needle and robust waxed thread. Repeat till you attain middle. you are able to also positioned nails going from the middle out to each and every aspect of the triangle. that would grant you with 3 rows of nails both spaced. Then as you upload the rows of braided cloth you recognize no longer something is shifting on you. Heck, you would possibly want to even nail down the braided row as you go. have relaxing.....
Aug 23, 2017

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