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Is a rug pad neccesary for laminate wood floors?

I just purchased an 8x11 handmade wool rug online. I am not sure if I need a rug pad under it to keep it from slipping or whatever. I've seen a few rubber ones that cost around $80 and some thicker plush ones going for over $100. Is it really worth it?


You will either need a rug pad or carpet tape to protect your new purchase from slipping and wrinkling. As to which you prefer, it depends on how plush the rug you purchased is. I have a very dense wool rug in my kitchen that is on ceramic tile and used two sided carpet tape to anchor it down. This enables me to have it vacuummed without fighting the edges with the suction and keeps it from wrinkling while doing so. It is thick enough on its own that a rug pad is unnecessary. That being said, I also have another rug under which I have a rug pad mainly to protect the flooring underneath it. It has a rough jute backing that with constant traffic will scratch the floor under it, hence the rug pad.
Aug 23, 2017
I would not bother buying a pad specifically designed for an area rug. Instead get some rubber kichen drawer liners, or a roll of tool box non slip liner. It will work just fine. Hint, tape the liners to the bottom of your rug.
Aug 23, 2017
We placed on the bright steel faucets on backside of each chair leg. We did that so the chairs slide easiler; it additionally did no longer mark the laminate. that's going to additionally matter on the path the chair is sliding around the boards (with or against the 'grain') and the quantity of use the chairs how harsh each physique is with the chairs.
Aug 23, 2017

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