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Is anyone else bored.?

I'm in lesson.as u can see i'm been very productive.


Scrunching? It's when you grab pieces of your hair and squeeze them1Use a Shampoo Conditioner for curls2While your hair is still damp/wet, put some curling gel in your hands The amount of gel depends on how thick long your hair is3Then scrunch your hair4Apply a strong hair spray to keep the curlsGood Luck ]
There are very few options short of chemicals to burn your hair to curlynessYou can do it the old fashioned way and use curlers and hair spray.
There's videos on yourtube that show you how to curl your hair with a flat iron.
u can use those old fasioned curlersthey are like little cylinder looking thingsthey come from little to bigyou can put them in, secure itfor at least 3 or 5 hoursyou can also sleep in themthen you can take them outit doesn't matter if your hair is wet or dry when you put them itbut it is better when it's wet thoughtif you think it's too curly, you can spray some water on it and brush it lightlythen you'll have nice curly hair.

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