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Is getting a motorcycle as a first vehicle a good idea?

Ok so I live in Florida which is sunny and warm almost ALL the time. Where I live in Florida the highways (if thats what you would call them) have almost nobody driving on them so there is very limited danger in terms of other vehicles. I have roughly 2500 dollars to spend. All the cars I‘ve looked at are really crappy and they look ugly with incredibly high miles. But on the other hand the Kawasaki Ninja 250r I can get for 2000 dollars with low miles, great MPG and of course looks completely awesome, and have 500 left for bike wear. This seems like a great idea considering if I do have to drive I can very so easily get a ride. I‘m a senior in High School BTW.


Well motorbikes are dangerous as far as if you fall off you probabaly will break a leg or a arm or maby even a skull if you dont have a helm on.Also in car accidents you have no chance.But they have great milage and are really fun and easy to park,but as a first vehicle?I would have to say no,you should ride some thing smaller and slower before ya jump on a motor bike.Like a dirt bike,get the feel of it. PS if its raning forget about going any were :P.
Take the class and get some riding experience on different bikes. The msf class will teach you the basics, but getting proficient is entirely up to you. The 250 is inexpensive but not much fun to ride. Acceleration is weak and generally the engine has little power. Roads are not parking lots, cars get real close at highway speeds, know what to expect, and always have an out if you get crowded, cagers never see you until it is too late!
Getting a motorcycle as your first vehicle can be a good idea when it comes to travelling on busy roads where there's too much traffic since they can be time saving as well as economical in maintenance costs. Although you can't easily use them during rainy periods since you have to wear rain gears before travelling and is a nuisance. Also, the percentage of accidents on motorcycles are higher than on 4 wheeled vehicles. If you really wish to buy a motorcycle, I advise you to choose those with wide tires since they don't easily slip while driving on wet roads. Never drive when you're under any intoxicating drinks since your sense of balance and timing is very much lessened when you're under the spirit of alcohol. Take it from me since i own a 400 cc motorcylce and a lot of probable chances to commit an error when driving motorcycles is high. Just see to it that you practice defensive driving by heart when you're at the road and you'll be fine.
1.NO IDEA 2. NO IDEA 3. It lowers the cars value.

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