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Is it normal for heating unit to emit gas odor? I have central air and a less than 10 year old heating system.?

It emitted a strong (gas-like) odor a while ago. I've turned it off and called hvac company to come check it (probably will be a few days before they come). i have two units, one upstairs and one downstairs. carbon monoxide alarms have not gone off (though i know carbon monoxide is odorless).


Remove the local administrators group from your limited users. That should cover the system settings, deinstalling (or installing programs), deleting sytem files.. A normal non-administrative account can't do any of those things. Drives can be locked using either ACLs (Access Control Lists) or Group policies.
When /watch?vXNbgnfFCTZw Take photos as you go. About 4 wire cables to disconnect, label them. Then pull open plastic stuck by tar substance. Unscrew 3 big screws on side of door that has the HOLE for the lock to lock your door. Unhook 2 metal rods by interior silver door pull handle, pay close attention to plastic unlatch pivot. There is a plastic pluggy thing the metal rods pivot on. Just push in around edges w/ flat screwdriver until it gets through hole. (look at new part to figure out how it works). Unplug the wire harness, pushing in on plastic connector. Then the tricky part, 2 more metal rods on the upper left part of the door. They are attached with plastic unlatch pivots,,,,just like the first 2. Then work the whole assembly part out, by lowering it below long metal rod and pivot about 1/8 of a turn. Get the new part in, it takes a while to wiggle it in there, don't get scared. then hook it back up. Takes about 2 hrs. P.S. I'm female, almost 55yrs old, and I've never done this before, but I saved lots $$$$. P.S.S. I had to drive on freeway holding my door shut 15 miles to get the part because the door locked when the door was AJAR so I could not shut it. But it was better than door locking permanently shut, then it would be really hard to get interior door panel off. If your door starts buzzing or machine gun noise, start working on it asap.

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