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Is it safe to put my leaf springs on my jeep over the axle instead of under?

I have a 86 cj7 and I wanna put the springs over the axle to get 4 inches of lift


think of it relies upon on whether or no longer they initially went under or over in the 1st place .yet thinking approximately it if axle became under springs it does no longer have the skill to bypass any decrease might it ?
May 28, 2018
Oh ya. That's what I did to my YJ but I used 2 inch lift springs to do it. The only problem you might run into is axle wrap if you use stock springs. Its not real common but it does happen due to the springs being pretty flat. I had to get a dropped pitman arm, and with the 2 inch springs i had to build a custom steering set up because the lift was to high for the stock set up even with a dropped pitman arm. Need longer shocks, longer brake lines. You'll also have to most likely get a longer driveshaft, and to avoid a lot of stress on your transfer case youll want to install a fixed yoke and get a cv drive shaft (I believe they are called SYE kits, you can google them to get all the info but definitely necessary). This stops the strain of your drive shaft moving in and out of the transfer case when the rearend drops when youre off roading, and puts the slip strain on the middle of the cv drive shaft. And as was said, get the reverse u bolts and definitely use new ones. Its a pretty straight forward lift and adds a lot of height. I ran 33 inch tires with mine which were too small, could have easily fit 37 inch tires under it. After the lift, the thing drove down the interstate great with no wandering, and i never experienced the death wobble that you can get with some lifts. Best of luck to ya!
May 28, 2018
You will most likely need to get longer shocks, drop the pitman arm, and inspect the brake lines to make sure they're not streched.
May 28, 2018

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