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Is it safe to spin fire (fire staff) barefoot?

I normally spin on the beach (sand) but I've always worn leather boots. Is it safe to spin barefoot?


How much did the safe cost new and how old is it, how big is it? Is it a Sentry brand? If so, what model? That might help us determine how secure it really is. If it opens only with a key, it is probably not too secure. If it cost under $150 or so, and weighs under 200 pounds, a it is not too secure. Those are meant to hold very low value items. I will guarantee that it is is NOT fire proof NOR water proof. No safe is. They use those words as marketing hype because they define what the term means to them. It is fire resistant at best, not fire proof. For these purposes, the difference is not important though. Just to let people know that they need to read the fine print to know what protection they really have. It will fill with water if you submurge it for long enough or if you spray a lot of water, as in a fire hose hitting it. It is totally impossible for a home safe to be water proof. If it is the low priced one that I think it is, the statements about picking and attacking are more marketing hype than anything else. A good safe weights many hundreds of pounds, if not thousands. It also takes more than a key to open it. If it is an inexpensive home unit, under $150 and under 200 pounds weight, you can probably drill the lock. Once you have done that, it remains to be seen how to open it. It might be apparent, it might not. Another option would be to take a hammer and chisel to it, better yet, an air chisel. Personally, I would get estimates from a locksmith and take it in. Obviously, if it weights over a couple hundred pounds, they will have to come out.
LOL I have done that. Yes, a lock smith will be able to get it open. Where I live, they wanted me to just leave it behind and come back and pick it up. I didn't want to do this as I knew I had cash and jewelry in mine. I bought a new one. It opened quite easily with a pry bar and a hammer. Good Luck

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