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Is my axle bent, or is it a smaller problem?

Just bought a 2005 Cobalt w/ 73,000 miles on it for $3700. It had a salvage title. The guy said it was wrecked in the front. I noticed no problems under the hood, and it drives smooth as can be. But on the way home with it (I was driving behind my wife), I noticed that the back tires seemed to be wobbling. The left rear tire was barely noticeable, but the right rear tire has a definite wobble to it. Is this the axle, or perhaps a smaller problem?BQ- If it‘s the axle, how much would that run me? THANKS FOR ALL ANSWERS!


sounds like bent wheel or axle you need to jack the car up and spin the tires and see if its the wheel or something bigger. look at the tire in relationship with the wheel well of the car does it look like its in the middle. look at the other side compare the two even get a tape measure to besure. if the tire is not center then it is probable the axle if it is center probable the wheel
May 28, 2018
if you see a wobble in the rear, it is definitely not an axle. the car is front wheel drive. it could be a damaged rim or a spindle that is damaged also.
May 28, 2018

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