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Is Obama a speed bump, pothole, end of the road, or worse?

Its like my car was broken down and this stranger picked me up.Will Obama get the car back on the freeway or will we continue down the unmarked road to some place only HE knows about.


if u r running vista it's probably vista,lol..I would have it formatted
It really depends on how long or technical the climb is. Many choose to climb moderate size peaks in a single day which reduces the amount of gear you need to carry (no camping). Really big peaks (like Denali) require several days of climbing and a LOT of camping gear. Usually you will need: Clothing - layered pieces that breathe and allow moisture to escape for base layers (like synthetics or wool underwear) and outer wear to block precipitation and wind (Windstopper fleece, Goretex shell and pants). Usually need high end Goretex gloves, face mask, helmet, glacier sunglasses, backpack, etc. Boots - usually insulated plastic boots for really cold climbs or heavy duty waterproofed leather boots that can accept crampons for warmer temperatures. Gators keep moisture / snow out of boots. Safety Gear - Helmet, Crampons (the spikes that you use for glacier travel or snow / ice climbing), Ice axe(s), rope, harness, etc - depends on how steep / technical the climb is. Supplies - food and water (or stove / fuel for melting snow) Camping gear for multi-day climbs - tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove and fuel, dehydrated food, pot and utensils, etc - VERY HEAVY Don't know what you are climbing, but Good Luck!

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