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Is polyester cloth an abomination to god?

leviticus 19:19‘Ye shall keep my statutes neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee.‘JW do modern jews wear clothing blends like polyester?What about artificial fibres?


Anything harmful for the happy and peaceful life of human beings is abominable to God .Of course my friends like you are incapable of understanding the very Objective of God's creation . The most pathetic beings on our planet.!!!!! Of course even today polyester cloth is allergic to millions of people all over the world .God always recommends a healthy ,happy and peaceful life for mankind . God is GOOD .Yes ,the GOOD is called Go'd . People who hate the GOOD ,or humiliate the GOOD must be without doubt evil . The Bible verse you have mentioned , has a spiritual meaning also . Cloth is always reffered to as Righteousness. God teaches the Righteousness . The world too teaches some immature righteousness . We should not mingle the world with the Godly things . We should not thereby make a spiritual adulteration . We must be wholly Pure without any element of hypocracy or worldliness . Personally speaking ,I too am having one or two polyester clothings . But I always prefer to wear pure cotton only . I always appreciate it to be good for human health .
Since god or jebus never mentioned it, I guess it's ok.
No. God was giving us an allegory. Garments of salvation come only by trusting in Christ as our saviour. We aren't saved by Jesus plus baptism or Jesus plus good works. It is Jesus alone that saves us. God doesn't care what materials our clothes are today just as long as we wear enough to cover ourselves.

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