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Is the 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil the same as the 68# guide oil?

Can the guide rail and screw rod of NC lathe be hydraulic anti-wear 68#?


General use of ordinary 30# mechanical oil on it, there is no need to use hydraulic oil. There is the viscosity should pay attention to the choice of the wrong grades of oil, will cause the machine tool inexplicable trouble!
The two kinds of oil is not the same, the hydraulic oil requirements of anti-oxidation, anti water, anti foam and abrasion resistance, not only can be used in various hydraulic systems, can also be used for medium duty industrial gear (except for worm gear and hypoid gear lubrication). Its ambient temperature is one 10'C-40 'C. This product has good adaptability to nbr.But because of rail oil recycling, the life demand is not high, but the characteristics of start - viscosity is very high, to ensure the accuracy of the sliding guide rail; oil is only applicable to mechanical equipment on their own or around with the guide rail device; in addition for those with hydraulic systems and other mechanical components mixed construction with the equipment, is also very suitable for hydraulic elevator and elevator etc..Ann beauty lubrication technology also has heat transfer oil and hydraulic oil, you can see oh.

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