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Is there a safe way to wash clothes with baking soda in a front loader washer??

My towels have a sour smell to them, and I know that I can wash them in vinegar or baking soda. But, here's my problem, I just bought a front loader washer and dryer, and I'm not sure if I can put either one in the washer! And my manual doesn't tell me! Please let me know, I'm this close to throwing my towels away!


First off...run your front loader with baking soda in it...put in the clothes area...one teaspoon should do it, no soap!...this is to make sure the washer doesn't have the smell...then wash your towels with about a teaspoon of baking soda in the washer with the towels...are you using HE washing detergent?? High efficancy detergent is made for front loaders...if your not, that is what you need to use to prevent the smell in a front loader also. Anyhow after you wash them with the baking soda, wash them again with soap like you normally would. If you don't yet have the he soap then use half the amount as you would in a top loader.
there is nothing unsafe about washing with vinegar or baking soda.
You could always try soaking your towels in a tub with vinegar and water for a bit. Wring them out then toss them in the washer just on the rinse and spin cycle to get the rest of the vinegar out then wash them as usual. It might be a bit of extra work but it shouldn't hurt your washer. Good luck!
I have a Frigidaire front-loader and you can use baking soda in it but as with everything else that goes in there you use smaller amounts---only 1/4 cup per load. I had the same issue with towels until I read the booklet that came with the washer--LOL--It says you should run a full cycle every 3 months with no clothes just 1/4 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup bleach and HE detergent to keep machine fresh. And that you should leave the washer door OPEN between loads.
Hi. I only use an HE Detergent for our HIgh Effieciency HE Front Loader washer..that's your safest and best bet. I like Tide HE it creates fewer suds ===which is best for front loaders.

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