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Is there a special basal body temperature thermometer you can recommend from experience?

My daughter's temperatures are erratic each month and we are wondering if it is the BBT thermometer.


The only way you are going to get one of those would be with an A/C / Heat pumpIf you have one, yesTurn it onIf you do not, then an A/C or heat pump will definitely help and they always come with a fan.
Get a dehumidifier You can just get a bowl of perlite and it does wondersYou need something to absorb the moisture in the airSalt rocks help too.
Where would you install it?
A fan does nothing other than move the hot/humid air around, but if you are sweating it may help evaporate that and make you feel coolerA whole house fan would be of no useIf you want to cool the house you have to cool the air (by means of an airconditioning unit) or to make it easier to sweat and cool then remove moisture (dehumidifier).
Your daughter's erratic temperatures could be from her temping habitsIt's probably not the thermometer, when the thermometer is the culprit you usually get flat temperatures, not erratic onesDoes shetemp at the SAME time every morning? temp precisely at waking time BEFORE speaking, moving, or sitting up? breathe through her mouth while sleeping? does she get at least 3 hours uninterrupted sleep before temping? does she wake up at night or get interrupted sleep? does her sleeping environment changewith heater, no heaterwith AC, no AC.with extra blankets, no blankets, etc.? All of these things can affect tempsIf she's doing every thing perfectly, she may want to try switching to vaginal temping to get more stabilized tempsHowever, do not switch mid cycleSwitch at the beginning of a new cycleConsistency is the key with temping.

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