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is there a substitute ear axle replacement for 1974 chevorlet el camino?

need rear axle for 1974 El Camino or compatable substitute


General Motors had two axle designs for the 1973-up A-body: a 10-bolt with 8.2 ring gear, and a 12-bolt with 8.875 ring gear; both used C-clip retainers for their axleshafts. Currie Enterprises has a superior replacement in the 9-Plus, which uses end-plate retainers for the axleshafts; it can be outfitted with a wide variety of stock-replacement and stock-upgrade brakes plus one of four available differentials. Upgraded from a design originally for Ford, the 9-Plus is a field-rebuildable axle; ring-and-pinion sets for all known ratios (of the GM-original axles) are supported. As of this post, Currie has two stock axlehousings for the A-body: the CE-GMA6466X (1st gen, 1964-66) and the CE-GMA6772X (2nd gen, 1967-72, used for this illustration). Due to a need for support for third-gen A-bodies, a new CE-GMA-Series axlehousing for 1973-up may be in development.
May 28, 2018
Mostly to keep costs down. The Mustang is about cheap speed. The sales figures speak for themselves. BTW, you don't have to regugitate everything Top Gear says.
May 28, 2018
You need new rotors. They are warped. You can check runout with a dial indicator to be sure. Check the tie rods, especially the inners. Also be sure the calipers are activating evenly. You can tell if the calipers are doing as they should if both inner and outer pads are wearing the same. If one caliper is sticking, that could be your trouble.
May 28, 2018

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