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Is Valvoline going back on the 6 next year?

I've noticed that the Roush guys have Valvoline patches on their fire suits again and I also heard that AAA will be leaving NASCAR in 2009 Did Roush steal Valvoline back from GEM? Or again is this just wishful thinking


metal doesn't burn (easily) wires do though. Question is what isn't working and what caused the fireand how long will it stay working ok?
Making all sorts of modelling assumptions and thus, thinking of the speed at which the water leaves the hose to be irrelevent. Then the fireman is a point. The angle of elevation from the point to the height at which the water strikes the building is 38.0°. The horizontal distance between the fireman and the building, i.e. the ground is 46.0m Let x be the height at which it strikes: Tangent of 38° is opposite/adjacent x/46 Tan 38 x/46 Rearrange for x and calculate x 46.0m * tan38

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