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Ivy bridge i5 or i7 for gaming?

I will be building a computer sometime in the next month or so, and so I'm wondering, should I get an i5 or i7 (ivy bridge series)? I've read that the i5 is better for gaming, but I'm not sure on thatCan someone clarify? I'm not building an AMD based machine, before this turns into a AMD vs Intel debateI've always used Intel, and more than likely always will.


the middle i5 will be in basic terms advantageous guy , those clock in holding with clock are 10 p.cswifter than the sandy bridges , which a 2500k from very last gen might want to really push a 2 or 3 way sli config no problem so the ivy bridge 15 will conveniently push any sport and that card , it would want to really push 2 or 3 playing cards in case you opt for to sli in elementary words bypass i7 for action picture modifying or in case your opt for 4 gpu's

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