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Just bought a Talon Shell, need new locks.?

Ok, I just bought a 2nd Generation Eagle Talon Shell from a friend of mine and need new locks throughout the car. I drilled a screw into the ignition and used a dent puller to yank out the tumbler, but only part came out. The left over bit of the lock will not come out. Any idea on what to do? Thanks.


Yes. You would need to give us more details as to how the claim was unsubstantiated but yes, legally you can.
I've wondered that myself. Haha I'm interested to see the answer. I know if an IED can lift up an 80 ton tank with an explosion. A 190 pound man is no match. No matter how much protection you have.
Sarah covered it very well termination for filing a complaint would be a STUPID thing to do but filing a complaint does NOT protect the employee from being terminated for another legitimate reason.. some may say you can fire under the premise of at-will employment which is true but also is a STUPID thing to do. firing someone who has filed a complaint (or any other employee) just because you can, in and of itself, gives weight to the complaint. since it is hard to prove or disprove INTENT it is best to always have a legitimate work related reason to terminate an employee.

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