Kayak rudder control?

I built a rudder system and installed it on my perception essence 17' touring kayak, but need to decide how to control the steering.Many DIY rudder system plans suggest affixing the cables to the locking footbraces. If I did this, I would have to remove the spray skirt to adjust my foot braces to control the rudder. The only practical alternative, it seems, is using the only make of rudder controlling foot pedals that exists (that I can find) made by Sea Lect. Is attaching the cable to locking foot braces the most common practice? Or do people normally use rudder-controlling foot braces in sea kayaks?


Kayak Rudder Plans
Normally rudders are attached to flexible or gas pedal style foot braces. I have had kayaks with aftermarket installed rudders that were controlled by pulling cables mounted on the foredeck. Frankly, I don't care for rudders. A skeg is superior for tracking with less drag and windage. You should not be using a rudder to steer a kayak, only to correct tracking in wind or currents. In those cases, just dropping it straight into the water without cocking it in either direction will suffice in most situations. It might be easiest in your case to bring the cables up through the deck and control from there. Cheaper than retrofitting the foot braces. You might want to re-post the question at a site where you will get more answers from experienced kayak tourers like paddling the free canoe and kayak users site.

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