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LCD or LED pc monitor for gaming?

I plan on getting a 30' monitor which one LCD or LED for gaming?


They are both pretty much the same. LED is just referring to LCD monitors using LED (light-emitting diode) backlighting instead of CCFL (Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) backlighting found on traditional LCD monitors. Because LCD monitors can't light itself up, they need a backlight to do it and that's why CCFL or LED are used. LED is just known to be more power efficient and can make a monitor slimmer and colours can come out a bit better. I have the LG E2340V which is one of those so-called LED monitors and it's pretty good. It doesn't really heat up much. Either is fine for gaming.
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Led Vs Lcd Monitor Gaming
They will both be LCD - that's the display technology that all flatscreen monitors use. LED or not is to do with the backlighting. The LED one uses LED lights as the backlight The non-LED one used a fluorescent light as the backlight. It is more important to choose one with a good contrast ratio and fast reponse time. Monitors with slow response times will show a ghosted blurry image in fast moving screen action. Monitors with low contrast ratio will have blacks that are dark grey and colours that look washed out. Ideally you want a high contrast ratio, a fast response time and LED backlight.
LCD and LED are essentially the same except that LED has more brightness.Apart from it the resolution, refresh rate and contrast all remain the same for both LCD and LED. So if you are planning to keep your gaming equipment at a place where there is high ambient light, it is more preferable to have an LED. If you don't require much brightness, you can still use LCD and save cost on your purchase.

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