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Leopard Gecko Eggs! Help!?

My leopard gecko just layed eggs and i don't know what to do with them. I have an incubator, and i'm pretty sure one of the two is fertile because she layed one in the nesting box. In the next box, i have that moss stuff, but when they go in the incubator, should i put them in vermiculite, or just keep them in the moss? Please help- i don't want them to die.


Yes! Tomato plants in 5 gallon containers should do great. Make sure you put a tomato cage over your plant while it is still relatively small. You can get them at home depot or Lowe's. These help the plant support the weight of the tomatoes. Water regularly but not too much and make sure there are drain holes in the bottom of the container or the roots will get water logged. Keep in the sun all day. Good luck.
Tomato Soil Mix
The topsoil will work fine. You can mix some compost if you have some or buy a few bags of composted steer manure to mix with the soil. A light application of a balanced fertilizer when you prepare the soil is all you will need until the blossoms first appear then you can use more at that time. Keep in mind that regular Miracle Gro liquid is high in nitrogen and low in phosphorus. If you start using it regularly on young plants you will end up with really big full plants but very few tomatoes.
Vermiculite, pearlite, and/or peat moss mixed in will lighten the top soil so it doesn't compact. You could also use potting soil to mix with it. I use miracle gro soil and fertilizer.
Using okorder

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