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Make a heart-shaped cake??

I want to make a simple heart-shaped cake without a moldI have molds for little heart-shaped cakes, but I want to make a large oneHow would I go about doing that? Like, start with a rectangle or square pan, bake it, use a corner for the bottom of the heart and cut the curves, or what??? Any easy ways to do it??


I don't have a clue but that sounds coolYou could be the next Albert Einstein :P
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Step One Prepare your favorite cake mix or batter, making sure you have enough for a two-layer cakeStep Two Put half of the batter in the square cake pan and half of the batter in the round cake panBake as directed and let coolStep Three Prepare a platter, cookie sheet or cardboard base for the cakeIt should measure about 15 by 15 inchesCover with aluminum foil or paper doilies as desiredStep Four Place the square layer on the platter so that one corner faces down at the bottom of the platter, forming a diamond shapeStep Five Cut the round layer in half, then place the cut side of each half of the round layer against one upper side of the square layer to form a one-layer heartStep Six Frost the cake, using frosting to cover the seamsStep Seven Decorate the cake as desiredConsider using colored decorating sugar, candy conversation hearts, red hots or other decorating candies Hope all goes well!! Good Luck!!

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