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Marble table and toughened glass table that good?

Marble table and toughened glass table that good


Marble is already weathered to a certain degree of natural stone, the density of no artificial glass, so wear, naturally as glass; but the glass easily broken, and broken glass, easy to hurt, so will the ordinary glass processing glass -- when broken into granules, not easy to hurt.
Oct 25, 2017
But because of the processing technology, temperature, environment and other factors, there is a self destruct after tempering glass (i.e. without any human factors under the condition of the problem (generally 3/1000) is normal) as considered because of the uneven heating, uneven stress and so on, crushing probability may be higher. Therefore, marble is more dependable than tempered glass.
Oct 25, 2017
Each has its advantages and disadvantages! Most of the market is black tempered glass, almost a fingerprint collector, a little bit of dust, and a few years did not sweep the same; natural marble table is more expensive, look at your budget bar! Personal advice, rich or marble table is good?.
Oct 25, 2017
Wooden table is preferred. Geomantic omen thinks, the dining table in the dining room still chooses woodiness material to still be good nevertheless. The main reasons are as follows: the polished wooden table with rustic flavor, which is polished by high technology, is a kind of table with solid wood. It has both affinity and environmental protection. It comes from the mountain forest and has natural smell, which is beneficial to the absorption of the human body. A wooden table can provide solid support and relax. It is better than a glass table with an angle. Although the wooden table is not as strong as the metal material, it is mild and less cold and cold from the geomantic omen. The table is a place where families are together, eating, drinking tea, and chatting, so the wood with warm smell is more intimate.So, whether it's material or Feng Shui, choosing a wooden table is better than glass, metal, or marble.
Oct 25, 2017

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