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Marble table or solid wood table which is good?

Marble table and solid wood table which is good?


Marble table in the market, more than 99% are in line with national standards, you can rest assured that the use of. If you want to feel warmer and more comfortable at your meal, suggest a simple and cozy table with solid food so that you will eat better and be healthier.
Oct 25, 2017
There are two kinds of marble tables: a natural marble table and an artificial marble dining table. How about the marble table? There are lots of questions about marble tables. The following 4 aspects for everyone to do some analysis.  1. Dali stone mineral composition is simple, easy processing, most delicate texture, crystal moist, mirror effect is good. Like marble consumers can choose, but relative to the solid wood table, the handling is cumbersome.  2. marble table looking more beautiful, visual effect is good. But according to common sense, the choice of solid wood table is better than marble table, because the solid wood table is more beneficial to human health than marble table.  3. marble table compared with the sense of quality, but the use of marble table is not very practical, smooth and easily Seepage seepage oil marble table surface with a cloth, there is not much help, a long time spent. And solid wood table feel warm, environmental protection than marble table is more practical, if not careful to wipe the surface, then it will seep, but can again brush varnish remedy.
Oct 25, 2017
Summary of the above answer, marble table please answer to this question basically clear, everything is the marble table on the level of There are both advantages and disadvantages., but it is not suitable for a table, feeling a little warm and simple wood table put fine timber to petty use, and very practical. In contrast, the choice of solid wood table is better than marble table.
Oct 25, 2017

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