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Maximum weight limit on steer axle?

I have 12300 steer axle weight32020 drive tandems31280 trailerAre my steers overweight? Lux u.s. map says I can have up to 20000 on my steers, its just not what I have been told. What do you know?


The axle is most likely within limits, most steering axles are rated at either 18k or 20k pounds, the issue is the tires mounted on it, lots of tires are rated at only 6000 pounds single, there is a formula Excerpt from the California Vehicle code which is the simplest to follow is as follows: (c) The maximum wheel load is the lesser of the following: (1) The load limit established by the tire manufacturer, on the tire sidewall. (2) A load of 620 pounds per lateral inch of tire width, as determined by the manufacturer's rated tire width on the tire sidewall. The steering axle, however, must go by the load limit by the tire manufacturer. I suspect that you have a situation where the rated tire loads are exceeded.
May 28, 2018
Goes by axle and tire max weight ratings.Look at door jamb for weight limits of axles and GVW.Look at side walls of tires for maximum weight limit at xx p.s.i.There should be tag welded to front axle giving max allowable weight. Have a dump truck at 102 wide,40' with strong arm down and energized.Max weight limit for axle is 20,000 using super singles,tandems at 32,000 using duelies. (as an example).Think your truck has a 12,500 front axle,tandems at 32,000 (20,000 for single axle. EDIT You need to look at tire max weight,max allowable weight for front axle and front suspention.
May 28, 2018

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