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Meat grinder principle

Meat grinder principle


When meat is canned for lunch, the fat needs to be coarsely twisted, while the lean meat needs to be finely twisted to change the way of the panel to achieve the need for coarse twist and fine twist. There are several different sizes of eyelets, usually 8-10 mm in diameter and 3-5 mm in diameter. Rough and thin grating, with a thickness of 10-12 mm, plain steel. Because of the large diameter of the rough hank, the material is easy to discharge, so the speed of the spiral feeder is smaller than that of the fast hank, but the maximum is not more than 400 revolutions per minute. In general, 200-400 rpm. Because the total area of the hole on the grid plate must be, that is, the amount of discharge must be, when the feed screw speed is too fast, so that the material near the cutter block, causing a sudden increase in load, the motor has a bad impact.
The assembly or replace the cutter, must tighten fastening nuts, in order to ensure that the board does not move, or between the mobile plate and Inge reamer rotating motion, will cause the material grinding effect. The cutter must board tightly and dative, otherwise it will affect the efficiency of cutting. The spiral feeder is rotated in the wall, to prevent the appearance of spiral and the wall collide, if slightly against the damage to the machine immediately. But their gap can not be too large, the assembly will affect the feeding efficiency and extrusion pressure, and even make the material flow back from the gap, so this part of the processing and installation of higher requirements.
The cutter blade is installed along the cutter. Use the tool steel cutter, knife edge sharp, use a period of time, the blade blunt, at this time should replace a new blade or re grinding, otherwise it will affect the efficiency of cutting, and even make some material not chopped after discharge, but by extrusion and grinding into slurry discharge, directly affect the quality of the finished product, according to some research the factory, the quality accident of canned pork fat severe precipitation, often with this reason.
When working, the machine is started and discharged, and the material is continuously sent to the cutting edge for shredding because of the gravity of the material itself and the rotation of the spiral feeder. Because the back screw feeder pitch than in front of the small, but the screw shaft diameter behind larger than the previous, this causes the pressure on the material, the force has been chopped meat discharged from the hole on the board.

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