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What brand is the family meat machine?

What brand is the family meat machine?


Domestic meat grinder with grinding meat, only the meat cut into thick strips into the machine, press the button you can wear uniform color meat, without you on the chopping block rattled chop arm sour, save time and effort. Help you quickly and easily make the sausage. Beautiful shape, smooth curve, easy to clean. A good kitchen helper, much taste of life.
Domestic meat grinder for the use of mainly meat stir: can stir 250g meat, in about 30 seconds to complete the work. You can also put vegetables in the meat and stir. Products can also be individually stir vegetables, fruits. Another product can be broken granular objects, such as flowers, etc., can also be stirred liquid food, the maximum capacity of 1 liters. Through different food processing, you can make hamburger trap, dumpling trap, stuffed bun, all kinds of meatballs, salad and juice, users can use it according to their own creativity.
Domestic meat grinder design meat, vegetables, knife edge is very sharp, so clean the blade, please hold the intermediate shaft, so as not to hurt the hand. When grinding, please avoid hitting hard gelatin and other hard goods, so as not to damage the knife edge. The motor is provided with a temperature control protective switch, and the motor is automatically disconnected when the continuous operation is overheated, so as to protect the motor from being burnt out, and the automatic restoration is guaranteed after the temperature drops, so that the service life of the whole machine is ensured.
Domestic Mincer when in use, every 20 seconds to play the middle pause, the machine is durable its use function, when the motor has occurred when abnormal conditions such as fever, smell, must let it stop cooling after use, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the motor, or cause loss. No more than 1 minutes of continuous use.

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