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Motorcycle 250cc riding position (over 65mph)?

My motorcycle is a Kawasaki Ninja 250RI am a new rider and when i get into the freeway the wind pushes me from back and from side to side of the road. Also i have to hold very tight to the handlebars because i feel i am going to fall behind (which makes my arms feel tired after just 5 minutes on the freeway)My posture is bend slightly forward and holding tight with my knees on the tank.Also when i look to the sides to change lanes, the wind pushes my head/helmet very strongly, is that normal?My helmet is an Scorpion Exo-700 and my helmet size is XXL (scorpion helmets run a size larger so it is an XL)Any information or advice is very appreciated, thank you in advance.


I would call registration insurance, fuel(total for one year), oil changes, tires, and any unexpected major repairs primary costs. the secondary costs being all the sub-systems upkeep (brake shoes/pads), light bulbs, ignition, suspension maintenance(including fork oil), and personal protective equipment.
The main costs are the cost of the motorcycle itself, and the labor for doing the tune-ups and changing the tires.
Spend some money and go to a Motorcycle training course, you will learn all you need to begin your riding experience. A few tips I can give you are, put weight on your foot-pegs, almost to where you are lifting your butt off the seat, grip the tank with your knees, at higher speeds you need to be behind the fairing as much as possible, the chin of my helmet is on my tank at high speed. At higher speeds I use my mirrors a lot to know what is around me, sitting up and turning your head takes some getting used to.Loosen your grip on the bars. The most important thing is to always, always wear full gear. That means leathers (full suit or jacket and pants), gloves(triple layered, mine have carbon fiber armor), riding boots and don't forget earplugs( or else you will without doubt lose some of your hearing over time.
the reason for the wind pushing you side to side is mostly due to kawasaki's decision to give the beginner sportbike such an upright body position. if it had clip ons then you would have a more aggressive riding posture and be behind the windscreen most likely designed for that. basically what you can do is croutch down until you can feel that the windscreen is giving you enough coverage. helmet and all that don't matter.
All young beginning riders want the sexy sport bikes and I tell these new riders sport bikes don't offer any protection from the elements. Welcome to the tiring world of sport bikes. First, suggest posting your question on a 250R Ninja forum. Much better source of information than Yahoo! Answers. Second, learning to cope with the wind will take some time and experience. Third, take a look at after-market windscreens that offer better protection. Second link provides info on taller windscreens. You shouldn't need a death grip to maintain control. Don't have any other advise except to relax a little at a time. You have to let the bike move about in the lane slightly. It is very tiring trying to keep a tight line within your lane. Lastly, are you CERTAIN you have the correct size helmet? XL is a big helmet. There are numerous helmet fitting videos on YouTube. Please check fit. Good Luck

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