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motorcycle tire size question.?

I have a 1969 suzuki t125 it takes the following tires from factoryfront 2.50 - 18rear 2.75 - 18. is it likely that both rims are 2.5 but they placed a slightly larger tire on the back? or would the back rim be 2.75 with the appropriate fitting tire on it and the front be likewise with a 2.5 rim?here‘s the real question though. i have aproximately 3/4 clearance on either side of the tire before it hits the frame or the chain or chain guard etc. so i guess in theory i could fit up to a 4 tire on the backThe question is, what is the maximum tire width i could SAFELY put on a 2.50 rim????? I‘m not racing it, but would like to be able to have fun. i‘m worried about the tires bucking if they are too wide, or popping off their seat or something. they are TUBE type tires. thanks in advance for any prevalent info


So, that means if you're keeping the stock swing arm and front trees, then your best widest fit is: 3.5 x 17 rear with 160/70-17 tyre (6.3 x 25.8) 2.5 x 18 front rim with 120/80-18 tyre (4.7 x 25.6)
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Be careful about going with wider tires. As you ride the bike, they warm up and expand, so visually checking them for clearance when the bike is parked is not enough. Also, I don't see that wider tires would be of any benefit on the bike you're talking about. If you put a tire an a rim which is incorrect for the tire's size, you end up distorting the tire's profile and it will perform less well than the correct size. P.S. the rim widths are probably stamped on the rims.

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