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Motorcycle tires, how are they sized?

I have a katana and the recomended tire specs are michelin Front : 120/70 ZR17 (58W) Rear : 150/70 ZR17 (69W) Right now I have Dunlop 170/60 ZR17 (72W) on the rear and a Dunlop 120/70 ZR17 (58W) on the front. My first question is, how are these tires sized? For example, in the spec rear tire: 150/70 R17 (69W) what each number stand for?My second question is since I have a 170/60 ZR17 (72W) is that bad or good? Is it over or under?


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ok, for the last part- the number that ends with 'W' is the hardness of the compound. as in how quick it will warm up and wear out. if you live in cooler climates, lower number is better, reverse for warmer. also, the higher the number, the longer it takes to warm up and get 'sticky'. so, think about how you ride, and where you ride. if you don't push yourself and your machine too much (wise) then harder is good enough, and will last much longer. if you want a bit of cornering action (fun), soft compound and stickiness is better, but will wear quicker. worth looking into next time is dual compound tyres -hard centre tread and sticky outer-tread, since it is cornering that you really want the stickiness. the most important thing is to always ride within the ability of you, not of your machine or tyres. if you do this you will be enjoying your bike for many years to come.
I can answer some of your question but I'm no bike expert so I don't know what size should be on. The first number 150-170 is the width of the tyre in mm. The second number is the aspect ratio, 70 means the side wall is 70 percent of the tyre width, so the lower this number, the lower the profile of the tyre. Your new back tyre is 20mm 3/4of an inch wider than your old one and it's 10 percent lower profile. The letters R/VR/ZR are the speed band that the tyre can cope with, ZR being the top band 130mph plus. The next number 17 is the size of the rim in inches The last number I think is the wear rate of the tyre, how fast the rubber is wearing down.
it don,t sound too major ! sounds like the transmission filter is clogged up and the front pump can,t pick up the fluid ! after the dirt gets washed away then it take hold and starts to move ! drop the pan and change the fluid and filter but don,t flush it !

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