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Motorcycle tyre flat after two days from new.?

I had both tyres replaced on my bike this Tuesday.However, after getting to work this morning I found the back tyre was flat (was handling funny on the way in)We tried re inflating it, but there seems to be a hole at the bottom of one of the treads. Looks like a nail punctured it (the nail is gone now)The garage who replaced the tyre has taken the bike away for an assessment. However, I‘m worried that I‘ll have to pay for a new tyre.How do things stand legally? Is there any kind of sale of goods warranty on tyres?I know this is mostly just bad luck. but I really can‘t afford this. The garage are asking me to pay full price for a new tyre.Any advice?(Oh, I‘m in the UK)


check all your tires are the same size if the brake sensors measure a difference in rotation speed they will switch the ABS on, also check the pad clearances, common sense says no trouble before the brake job - trouble after the brake job cause brake job
The garage will not pay for a new tyre, however if the puncture is not in a sidewall you can plug it. www.bustersclassic .uk/products. Scroll down a bit
As Larry E and Bikerwoody ,the great Geordie Comedian Sid the Sexist once said that sometimes we can fall in a barrel of **** and come out suking our thumbs. Warranty on tyres is there but to claim the tyre must show some manufacturing defect or be a recall. My mates with tubless slicks get a lot more punctures. They should be able to patch it ,unless the internal bands and threads have damage due to the puncture.
Happened to me on my 08 zx6r 2 miles out of the showroom the day I bought it. I had to pay for a brand new tire.I brought the bike to mavis to see if they could plug it and they told me it is illegal to plug a motorcycle tire. A blow out on a bike can cost you your life its not worth it.

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