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Moving from house to an apartment.Good or Bad?

Me and my husband and our 6 yr old daughter currently live in a house but our electric bill is sky rocketing well over $400 and we cant afford it much longer and landlord don't care, wont fix stuff and acts like its not a problemSo we found a really nice apartment, nice neighborhood, reasonable rent, its two bed room and two bath so we would be gaining a bathroom which is goodIts around same location were at now so gas would be about the same for our jobs, only thing is we will miss out on a yard with our pool, trampoline and ect, of course the apts have a pool and the trampoline can go to my moms or mother in laws for our daughterBut I don't know if this is best move? It would be just temporary for few years until we buy a house, save money and get our on feet and ectwhat are pros and cons of this and is it a bad idea?


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