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my axle nuts on my skateboard wont come off?

if tried using a socket wrench but there stuck. is there anything i can use to get them off?


Unfortunately, you MAY not be able to get them off. I'm pretty sure the metal they make truck axles out of is much harder than the stuff they make the nuts out of. So, when the ends of your axles get all gnarly what typically happens is that you can get the nut off, but the gnarled ends of the axle end up stripping the threads of the nut as it comes off, so you can't ever use the nut again. Plus, then you usually can't get any other nuts on the axle either. As for ways to fix this problem, there are supposedly skate tools that you can use to re-thread an axle, but I've never used these so I can't tell you whether or not it would work in your case. But maybe I'm not understanding your question right? Are you saying that you just can't turn the nut at all? If so, your only real bet would be to make sure you've got the right size socket or wrench (1/2 inch) and just get a bigger ratchet or wrench with a longer handle for better leverage. Whichever problem you're having, I hope this helps some.
May 28, 2018
The vice grip advice is good but the writers missed that when you unscrew the nut you must also try to pull as hard as possible. Don't set the vice grip any harder than you need to. Too tight and you might distort the nut too much it might not catch. The idea is to try to regrip the threads or whatever metal you can. I don't think I'd use lubricant until the nut is well caught on the threads. Maybe need to use a lever to force it onto threads. Can you use the wheel itself to apply pressure to the nut? Start taking the wheel off until it pushes on the nut. Other good answer, if it works, is break it off with the wrench, replace the lug later. Personally I'd use an angle grinder and cut/grind it all off.lugs and nuts aren't hard to replace.
May 28, 2018
The nuts are either stripped or tightened very tightly. You can buy a tool to get them off if they're stripped
May 28, 2018

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